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The Nashville Creative Portraits | Couples, Engagements, Maternity, Seniors

Because we know how important these photos will be to you, we want every aspect of your session to be personal. If that means we visit the place you met to take anniversary photos or we chase your new pup around your house with a couple of cameras to get some shots, perfect. That's what we live for! We're also down to go on a road-trip, hike a mountain, and get a little muddy if you're up for it.

A lot of times, portrait sessions are booked specifically because something is being celebrated. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, being in love, graduating high school or college, or being pregnant and adding a new member to your family (adoption of children AND pets included...please let us take photos of your dog. Please.), this season deserves documenting.
Sometimes these seasons only happen once. We don't take that lightly. We've graduated high school, fallen in love, and gotten married, and have had photos to remember those times in our lives. We know just how important and truly special they are.

"Sometimes these seasons only happen once..."


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"Matt and Heather are so fun and easy to work with. I love my photos so much, and so does my family!"

"I love our photos SO MUCH! They made our engagement feel that much more special."

"My maternity photos are some of my favorites ever. My vision really came to life and I'm so excited!"

Packages begin at 30 minutes of photography and include a digital collection of hand-crafted images.

Most clients spend an average of $400.


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