"we are all storytellers. we all live in a network of stories. there isn't a stronger connection between people than storytelling."


The Nashville Creative Films and Videography

"Our stories make us who we are..."

If you've ever talked to us before, you've probably realized that we're people people. We love hearing stories of all kinds, whether it's about where you're from, how you and your spouse ended up together, when you adopted your children, how you've overcome a negative diagnosis, when you started your business and where it is now, etc., etc., etc. Get coffee with us and tell us your story, and I promise we'll be enthralled the entire time.
Our stories make us who we are. Every story is different, and that's something truly amazing, especially with how  mundane life can feel at times.

If you've read the 'About' page of this website, you can probably gather that we believe that our God-given purpose in life is to tell stories of all kinds and to show the love of Christ in doing so.
While we really do enjoy creating films and documentaries, it's not about the video clips or how they're put together; it's about the people in the clips and the story the clips are telling. 
Also, if you're wondering, the words 'story' or 'stories' were used in these paragraphs 6 times. You're going back and counting them now, aren't you?

We obviously want to show you the best of the best so you know just what we're made of. The rest of our work can be found on our YouTube channel.

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