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Road-trips we've taken together

I'm also a small-town MO kid. Nashville really is home, though. I've served the church in tech (lighting, audio, & video) for over a decade, and a love for filmmaking naturally came along with that. I'm not normally one to freak out over corgi puppies, but I do enjoy visiting the Nashville Flea Market or watching a baseball game on my days off.

I'm a small-town Missourian turned Nashvillian, and I know it's cliché, but I really have always had a thing for cameras. I started a YouTube channel in 2012, and my love for telling stories grew from there. When I'm not behind a camera or computer, you can find me freaking out over corgi puppies or perfecting my watercolor techniques.


people that have told us we look like siblings


Times She's eaten his food when she said she didn't want anything


years we've been together


A little snippet of our story...

Matt and I met at our church in Missouri in 2014. By "met," I mean that my cousin, Alex, introduced me to Matt one Sunday morning and I could clearly tell he was match-making. What I didn't know is that Alex had already told Matt to marry me. Yeah, he skipped dating, and just went straight for "marry her." Well, Alex, it worked.
In fact, it worked so well that Matt and I had our first date in June 2015 and we liked each other so much that we got engaged in November of that same year, and married in April 2016. I think Matt and I agree that other than being baptized, marrying each other was the best decision ever.

At that time, Matt worked for our church, but in late 2016, we knew things were changing for us. Turns out, Matt's youth pastors from when he was a kid were planting a church in Middle TN and wanted us to be a part of it. Immediately, we knew it was our next step.
We moved to Tennessee on our first wedding anniversary in 2017, which also happened to fall on Easter that year. (Talk about the irony of a perfect day for a fresh start.) We haven't looked back. Tennessee is home.
We're excited to see what our future here holds - for us as individuals, and as The Nashville Creative.


Living for and loving like Jesus. It's our first priority.

Our love for Christ comes first - before our love for each other, and our love for our work. We both serve at our church, and strive to show the love of Christ to everyone that we come into contact with.


Seeing every part of the world that we can.

If it wasn't for the fact that Matt also has a full-time job other than filmmaking (and that we LOVE living in Tennessee), we would totally be nomads. We love traveling and exploring.


Intentionally creating things we can be genuinely proud of.

We are intentional in everything we do. The things we make, whatever it may be, are created with and for a purpose. We don't take projects lightly for that reason. We want to use The Nashville Creative to make a difference.


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