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The Nashville Creative - Adventurous Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographers and Filmmakers

Here at The Nashville Creative, we care about 3 things...

...Jesus, people, and storytelling - in that order. Obviously, we care about a lot more than that, but those 3 components are the foundation of everything we do as The Nashville Creative.
We're Matt and Heather Lee, and we're Nashville based photographers, filmmakers, and designers - specializing in storytelling of all kinds.
Over the years of us doing what we do, we've had the opportunity to meet and work alongside some incredible couples and individuals and listen to and tell their stories. 

We're not traditional photographers or filmmakers. We believe in celebrating seasons in life and documenting them based on what means the most to you, not based on what everyone else expects.
We've taken 300+ mile road-trips, hiked mountainsides, gotten drenched in rain, witnessed some incredible sunsets, stood in the middle of the road, hopped a few fences, and so much more to tell stories, and we'd do it all over again every single day if we could.
You've got a story. We'd love to help you tell it.